Make your Kitchen Glossy and Stylish

Gone are the days when kitchens used to look boring with oil dripping down and paint peeling off, when the space looked cramped and cluttered with no proper storage area. Thanks to the new age modular kitchen concepts, you can now make this very important area in your house look glossy and stylish, to match with the rest of the home d├ęcor. A clean and well-kept kitchen induces a feel-good factor to the mind of the cook and this in turn has a positive effect on every member of the house. However, getting the right mix when it comes to installing a modular kitchen can get tricky. A few important points can help you in getting a truly sleek and stylish kitchen.

How much to spend?
Yes, this is the most crucial point to consider. The market is flooded with modular kitchen designs that can drain out your budget considerably. Make a note of the amount you can afford and speak to a designer or consultant about it. Modular kitchens built on small budget can also look sleek and be very effective at the same time.

How much area to be allocated?
The answer to this question will help determine the size of your kitchen. If you have a large space for your kitchen, then you can have an island with a sitting area, numerous panels and drawers. However, if the space is small, then the kitchen counter has to be shaped in a way that all important working areas are integrated into one functional space.

How do you plan?
A proper planning is required to ensure that you have everything you require in your kitchen. This will eliminate a cluttered look and leave enough space for movement. At the very beginning, you must determine whether you want a built-in hob or grill or a simple oven will serve your purpose. Also the placement of a good branded chimney is important to keep your kitchen smoke and oil free. The design of cabinets and kitchen top, placement of electrical gadgets such as refrigerator and mixer-grinder or microwave oven must also be decided during the planning stage.

What materials to use?
Both cost and look of any kitchen change with the type of material used. From hardwood and stone to ply and ferro-cement slabs, steel and glass, the types materials are plenty. However, humidity in your city, kind of utensils used or amount of oil used in cooking determines the longevity of the material. Seek expert advice from consultants of Chaitanya Interiors or other such modular kitchen designers and manufacturers to get the right material that suit your home.

Should you have a flashy or functional kitchen?
A flashy modular kitchen with many decorations looks stylish but may not prove to be effective. Therefore, opting for a functional kitchen, where all things are kept in accordance with your requirements, would always be rewarding. A functional kitchen will always have the right space allocated separately for different kitchen items such as cutlery, spices, larger and smaller utensils. Here, the cabinets above the kitchen top are placed at a height that can be easily reached. The walls can also be utilized in the best way possible by setting up decorative brackets and hanging shelves for storing smaller items of frequent use.

How many lights should be used?
Lights are integral to kitchen setup. In a modular kitchen, you can use lights built under the cabinets and over the working area such as the cutting and washing zone and the cooking zone. You can also install decorative but warm lights on the wall to give a soothing effect. If you have an island in the kitchen, then putting a pretty drop light above or a cluster light in the false ceiling will enhance the look of the area.

Does your kitchen serve the right purpose?
Getting a dream kitchen is not easy but with the right planning and by doing a little homework before finalizing on the design can give you the perfect kitchen you are looking for. This kitchen should serve all your requirements and in turn keep you happy. If at any point you feel something is missing, never hesitate to contact your consultant and architect.

Once you have done your initial homework, approaching one of the best modular kitchen designers and manufactures in Kerala, Chaitanya Interiors, would be the next step in getting the perfect kitchen. Expert consultants, designers and architects at Chaitanya Interiors provide end-to-end services of building a beautiful, glossy and stylish kitchen. From design conceptualization to installation and post-installation maintenance, Chaitanya Interiors give equal importance to every step of giving you the kitchen you had always dreamt of. The company always gives importance to delivery of quality products in budget friendly manner, keeping its valued customers highly contented.

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