Bedside Cupboard

No space in your house is large enough to store all household and personal items. With every passing year, requirements change and so do the things you need and managing the increasing number of items can be very taxing. Therefore, an addition of a piece of furniture, such as a bedside cupboard, which is at once beautiful and serves the purpose of tucking away your personal items of daily use, can be really helpful. Our experts at Chaitanya Interiors will conceptualize and design beautiful bedside cupboards that fit into the space available in your bedroom in a very cost effective manner.

If you are looking for a traditional design, then the cupboard will be made of wood. There is nothing as appealing as the strength and feel of wood. From rose to mango, pine and teak, the type of wood of for the cupboard will be determined according to your budget. For a home with modern interiors, we can use materials such as particle board, ply or compressed wood. The final look can be polished or matte in order to match the existing furniture in your bedroom.

In terms of design of the bedside cupboard, you can choose from one with single, double or multiple drawers. A single door cupboard can have two or more compartments inside. You can further choose from a narrow cupboard or a broad one. The shape can be square, rectangle or oval. The top of the table can be made of wood, glass or white and polished marble for a more traditional feel. Further, open stacks can be built on one side of the cupboard to create your personal book shelf. The cupboard can be a stand-alone piece or wall-mounted. If you have a small house and want to use all the spaces in the rooms in the best possible manner, then a large and cleverly designed bedside cupboard can act as a divider between your sleep-in area and rest of the area in the room, which you may convert into a working space or study.

Get in touch with our designers today to get more ideas on bedside cupboards that will add further creativity and utility to your bedroom space.

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