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Our expert designers at Chaitanya Interiors give utmost importance to your requirements and then incorporate designs that are not only appealing but less stressful on your finances. For designing your study room, our experts will take into consideration a few elements such as space availability, the age and requirement of the user and the furniture required. A study room should always be comfortable, quiet, spacious and purposeful.

Study room designs for kids would be drastically different from those of adults. If the study room is being designed for your child, keeping in mind your child’s favourite colour, cartoon characters or subjects of interest would be very helpful in designing a room that would truly appeal to him or her. The design of the study room for a child should ideally be changed every two or three years. A child’s interests change with every passing year and in order to make the study room attractive, changes need to be incorporated as and when required.

If you are thinking of study room designs for yourself, you should put across all your requirements, likes and dislikes in details to our experts. A low-lying sitting arrangement or a recliner will ensure relaxed reading hours. A corner of the study room can be converted into a music space for extended music sessions with friends or for some new compositions or simply to keep your favourite music collections, posters of favourite artists or your musical instrument.

For smaller rooms, where a part of the bedroom or living room needs to be converted into a study, built in wall cabinets with many drawers and chambers, folding table and chair will help in saving space. The upper areas of the walls should be utilized to its maximum to give the room a clutter-free look. Two chairs can be placed side-by-side for two children to study at the same time.

Study room designs can either be traditional or highly modernistic or just out of fairytale pages for your kids. Colour schemes play vital role on senses and therefore, you should not go completely overboard with the colour palette. White or other warm tones with cool colours thrown in here and there make a space more breathable and appealing. Get in touch with our expert designers today to know more on study room designs in Kochi, Kerala.

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