Explore our wide range of services that specially cater to every home in Kerala. Our professional services include made to measure and artistically tailor made interior designs for bedrooms, false ceilings, lighting structures, kids ' bedrooms, study rooms, modular kitchen designs, living room, and guest room designs, etc. Apart from this, we help blend in a fresh look to walls with unique paint themes, and textures so that the home holds an element of quality and elegance from every angle. Talk to our interior design expert to know how we design new homes and even revamp your traditional homes aesthetically.

Bedroom Interior Design

If your bedrooms are looking outdated or cluttered, it is time to take inspiration from our Kochi interior design experts. Take your bedroom interior design ideas to the next level with our top notch ideas, as they are modern, breezy, organized and we make sure to fit in the right themes so that you feel relaxed and positive in this special private space in your home.

Modular Kitchens

We have a large collection of modular kitchens that are personalized to suit your space and comfort preferences. You can explore our store, choose from our wide range of modular themes and share your dream kitchen with our team. We construct new modular kitchens and even renovate old, traditional kitchens in Kerala into fantastic designer kitchen spaces that fit the modern lifestyle.

False Ceiling Designs

False ceilings add an element of sophistication to all apartments and houses. Depending on the home space, we attach well-fitted styles for the ceiling so that it covers the original ceiling in the most organized manner. The architectural flow will match the wall and paints of the space too as we do custom made ceilings for every home.

Kids Room

Kids’ rooms are undoubtedly a perfect space for energy, creativity, happiness, and youth. Each of our designs for the kids’ rooms in every home is tailor made to suit the ages of children, the theme that parents love to own and also we ensure that there should be an aesthetic balance of air, beauty, space, and light in this space.


Lights can add a lot of depth, warmth, and coziness to a room. So, we take care to add lighting systems for each room in a house or flat. We turn dull areas of your home into impressively well lit places that help you to showcase your home in the best way possible to your loved ones.

Living Room Designs

We bring forward exclusive Living rooms interior designs that are custom made to suit your taste and culture. Depending on the space, the seating arrangements, the airflow, and the cabinets placed, we have tons of living room designs that are inspiring and perfect for all ages and homes. Now living room renovation can be covered well with the best living room architecture and decor in town.

Paint & Color

Homes deserve a fantastic facelift if the right colors wrap the walls in your home. Be it pastel or vibrant shades, we add a dose of colored inspiration for each wall and angle of your rooms. This will give an exuberant look and cheer up your life with style from our palette perfecting techniques.

Walls & Textures

What’s your pick? Or a smooth wall of a sanded texture wall? Or probably some custom made home improvement design that you love to own? Our in-house paint experts will help transform the boring walls with an element of texture so that such surfaces are an absolute piece of artwork. We have custom made works and industrial trending designs to choose from.

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