Engineered Wood Bed with / without Storage

Your Bed is your haven of rest and peace. We, the best bed interiors designers take extra care to ensure that comfort, care and elegance are part of each of our bed designs. Take your time to explore our wide and vibrant collections of bed designs and make them yours. Whether you want to own luxurious beds or want cozy, simple styled beds, we have got all of this covered for you. Improve the quality of your sleep with beds that suit the urban lifestyle. This is coupled with easy maintenance and good quality materials in every bed that you choose from the Chaithanya Interiors.

Dressing Table Units

With creative and highly functional Dressing Table Units to choose from the prestigious Chaithanya Home Interiors, our shoppers have always been satisfied with our years of excellence. You can choose the dressing tables designed with a variety of materials from our designer table units. These can be presented individually, or mounted on the walls, and or even placed as side units in your bedrooms. Find the inner beauty in you within rooms and classy decor that are aesthetically crafted to meet your expectations. Our premium dressing table units have storage units allowing you to store makeup and other essentials in an organized manner.


Welcome to the one stop for all varieties of premium quality wardrobe designer styles for your home. Our wardrobe collections are shaped to perfection only after the research and thorough quality check done by our home decor experts in Kochi. Our Wardrobe designs are available in our store in various colors, polis, and paint finish sizes and design models. Let this be your little world inside your home where you can store your personal items in the most organized, and affordable manner. Wardrobes are always a great option to safely store many things and leave the rooms looking clutter free.

Side Tables

Side tables are the most useful bedside support for every bedroom. Not only does it lend an organized look, but every corner of the room also has a sophisticated touch. Our side table collection from Chaithaya Interiors is made from the finest wood, treated well so that it won't be affected by pests later on, and then painted in the most natural, uniform manner. Our choice of designs, the compartment size, and the quality check process are what make our product lines highly unique and stylish. Step into our world of innovative and new age side table designs where you will find a lot of inspiration to reorganize your homes with the best quality decor.

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